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We display the most highly competitive business car leasing deals for the Volkswagen brand, if the exact model is not displayed in many cases our fleet discount are across the full manufacturers model range, please call, chat or submit a form to obtain a no obligation quote on the exact model you want.


Volkswagen Business Car Leasing

Volkswagen AG is a German car manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Established in 1937, Volkswagen is the top-selling and namesake marque of the Volkswagen Group, and is now the second-largest automaker in the world.

Volkswagen Model Range


Volkswagen UP!

PLENTY TO SMILE ABOUT. Meet the smart city car from Volkswagen. Small, nippy and priced to match, it offers the interior space and equipment levels of a larger car, giving you plenty to smile about. The compact size makes it ideal for driving round town, while the sophisticated technology, advanced features and generous proportions provide a level of sophistication not previously seen on such a small car. Keep smiling. Small has never looked so great.

Volkswagen Polo

REASSURINGLY BUILT. IMPRESSIVELY INTELLIGENT. Driving the Polo has never been easier, thanks to a wealth of innovative technology. With on-board assistants designed to monitor the road, alert the driver and even intervene in critical driving situations, it’s the most intelligent Polo to date. And certainly delivers more innovation, practicality and comfort than ever before.

Volkswagen Scirocco

IMPRESS YOURSELF, AS WELL AS OTHERS. This is a coupé that’s just waiting to be driven. Sleeker, sportier and more dynamic than ever before, the Scirocco is all about the driving experience. The sculpted headlights, black front grille and front air intake with eye-catching honeycomb design, and body-coloured bumpers with aerodynamic fins all create a classic Volkswagen look. This is echoed by the recessed roundel on the bonnet, signifying Volkswagen’s legendary heritage. Combined with the latest generation petrol and diesel engines delivering greater performance than ever before, it all adds up to an impressive package.

Volkswagen Golf

MORE STYLISH, MORE ATHLETIC AND MORE ELEGANT. BUT STILL UNMISTAKABLY A GOLF. When it comes to functionality and ergonomics, the Golf excels. For a more controlled driving experience, the centre console is angled slightly towards the driver. This ensures both the touch-screen of the new infotainment system and the controls for the air conditioning and heating are easy to reach, with every switch and display intuitively to hand, exactly where you would expect it to be. VW have once again raised their standards in materials, workmanship and finishes. All of which ensures the Golf not only looks good, but feels good too – the true test of quality.

Volkswagen Golf SV.

GOOD LOOKING, SMART AND REFINED. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, which is why those initial few seconds are so important. But that’s all you need with the Golf SV. Once you’ve seen its sculpted design you’ll be smitten. And if you think the exterior is sporty and refined, wait until you see the interior. Effortlessly adaptable, the Golf SV takes things in its stride, whatever you throw at it. Versatile, ergonomic and refined, it has the flexibility and spaciousness to provide simple, practical solutions to many of your everyday challenges.

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

HOLIDAY, AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON. Experience sun, wind and open space, where and when you want it, in the Golf Cabriolet. Thanks to its fully automatic textile hood you can get summer on-board in only nine seconds – simply at the touch of a button. Now you can convert the daily commute into a mini-holiday, while longer journeys become more adventurous in the fresh air.

Volkswagen Touareg

REMAINS STYLISH. ON ANY TERRAIN. The Touareg’s contemporary front design has a powerful road presence, with its distinctive bumper and larger, integrated Bi-Xenon 25W headlights continuing the lines of the redesigned radiator grille creating a look that is unmistakably Volkswagen. To the rear, the modified bumper with LED fog lights and redefined tailgate line emphasise the athletic build, highlighting the Touareg’s sporty character.

Volkswagen Tiguan

AS VERSATILE AS LIFE DEMANDS IT TO BE. On road, off-road and online, the second generation new Tiguan opens up a world of possibilities. The all-new design provides greater functionality than previous models, enhancing handling and performance on a wide range of terrain, from motorway to unmade road, while the latest technology opens up the virtual world ensuring greater connectivity and more real time services than ever before. Whether you prefer elegant and refined, dynamic and sporty or rugged and robust, there’s a new Tiguan model for you, impressively equipped with a range of advanced features to ensure new levels of driving enjoyment wherever you are.

Volkswagen Jetta

TURNS HEADS. WINS HEARTS. Meet the Jetta, now more sleek and stylish than ever before. With its revised front and rear design, enhanced features, stylish interior and wealth of standard equipment, it’s refined, comfortable and spacious. Not to mention practical, elegant, dynamic and dependable, the Jetta delivers all round, offering real value for money and allowing you to think with your head as well as your heart. Family car or business vehicle, nothing makes more sense.

Volkswagen Passat

REFINED, ADVANCED, EXCELLENT. Charismatic and sophisticated, the Passat and Passat Estate just exudes confidence. Making its appearance as the eighth generation of a best-selling car that has sold nearly 22 million models since 1973, the Passat features advanced technologies and sophisticated assistance systems, providing new levels of comfort, luxury and performance than its predecessors. And that’s not all. With its cutting-edge design, technologies and engines, the Passat and Passat Estate are as versatile, progressive and sophisticated as you could wish for.

Volkswagen CC

SCULPTED TO PERFECTION. Elegant and exciting, there’s no mistaking the stylish coupé silhouette of the Volkswagen CC. The sloping roofline, sculpted sills, sleek bonnet and streamlined bumpers all define its distinctive character, enhanced by such details as frameless doors that simply flow into the body, chrome side window surrounds and door and rear bumper trims.

Volkswagen Beetle

DÉJÀ VW. You may need to take a second look. A Beetle? But a Beetle that has grown up and become sportier for the 21st century. From every angle, its masculine proportions make it appear more dynamic than ever before. But when it comes to making an impression, it’s up to you to choose from a wide range of wheels, interior styling, paint finishes and other options.

Volkswagen Sharan

AT HOME WHEREVER YOU ARE. As you’d expect, the new Sharan is stylish, spacious and practical. Flexible easy folding seats, convenient sliding doors and contemporary new upholsteries provide an elegant interior, with seats as comfortable as your favourite sofa. And, with high quality materials and a wealth of refinements enhancing the driving experience like never before, this is home comfort on a whole new level.

Volkswagen Amarok

TAKE THE ROUGH WITH THE SMOOTH. The Amarok is designed to perform as effortlessly on rough terrain as it does on the open road – while still offering high levels of quality and style. At the heart of every Amarok sits a powerful diesel engine, which when coupled to a robust ladder frame chassis, 4MOTION and heavy-duty suspension, is a combination that aids swift and stable progress and enables the Amarok to tow trailer weights of up to 3,200kg. Inside, there’s ergonomic seats and numerous storage trays, allowing up to five occupants (including the driver) to be accommodated with ease. As you’d expect from any Volkswagen, the Amarok is loaded with safety features, all designed to help ensure you, your passengers and your cargo arrive in perfect condition – whatever the terrain.