Motorway Troubles


A recent poll by Nissan Motor Ltd , has found that nearly a quarter of drivers express a feeling of being uneasy on a Motorway .

The survey found that around 40 per cent of drivers were not keen on overtaking large vehicles and nearly a half felt uncomfortable when boxed in between large lorries. Motorway driving showed up as being second only to parking that drivers felt a lack of confidence and nearly half admitted to taking less busier routes to avoid busy motorways.

E10 Fuel

There is to be a consultation on the introduction of the alternative fuel E10 . which is claimed to be greener by being made up of 10% bioethanol as opposed to the 5% in petrol .

Bioethanol is a renewable energy made by the fermentation of crops , however it is not without its critics , as it has been linked to the destructions of forests and wetlands , and received protest from Greenpeace , when it was introduced in Germany .

The other consideration that not all vehicles are compatible and not just “classic” but older run of the mill models , the government is keen to ensure that the driver is not hit in the pocket by the introduction , the RAC gave the example that by 2020 there will still be around 28000 Volkswagen Golfs on the road that would not be able to use E10 , thus this is not a small problem.

So whilst this greener alternative that will reduce carbon emissions is welcome the roll out will have to take into consideration all road users , not just the newer models.

Dyson’s Electric Cars

Dyson who has already two hangers at the Wiltshire airfield , has now revealed plans to build a ten mile test track for his electric car project, bringing the total investment up to around £200m and involves around 380 staff.

Jim Rowan chief executive stating that Hullavington has the making of becoming a “world-class vehicle testing campus” Indeed Sir James Dyson has said “What we’re doing is quite radical”

Although no dates have been touted the indicating is that the development is aimed at high end with maybe some driverless features..

Along side this development the company have also opened a training institute for technology and engineering students , offering degree courses , in a bid to provide home grown talent.



BMW 3 Series M Sport

The 3 Series Sport does not disappoint , with its classy feel coupled with the great fuel efficiency , giving it not only a great drive but a cheaper one.

The top-end  finish  with the sense of fun to drive , makes it a winner handling well with that sporty feel . The interior is spacious with superb seat comfort , although if more than one driver might make sense to add the electronic seat controls as the manual ones can be a little tricky.

The control panel has a brilliant design with most function available through scrolling through the logical on-screen menu and there is also a handy short cut button so you can save your favourites

Value for money , not only do you get more for your money compared against the A4 , it  makes a great lease deal as they hold their value , thus making rentals cheaper.


Police Crack Down on Eyesight

3 Police forces have brought in today the policy for on the spot eye test , fail to 20m test and your licence will be revoked, under the 2013 law “Cassie’s Law , named after Cassie McCord who died as a result of an 87 year old driver , who had previously failed a police eyesight test, lost control of his vehicle.

At present you get tested when you take your test after that it is the individuals responsibly to ensure their vision meets the required level,  the police are hoping that the data they collect from this new policy will enable to gain clear idea of the problem .



Happy Friday

Friday. The golden child of the weekdays. The superhero of the workweek. The welcome wagon to the weekend. The famous F word we thank God for every week.




Passenger Troubles




So passenger behaviour is important , but who can honestly say they have not at some point been a guiding hand to the driver , but this has been proven to be a major cause of accidents  , so whilst there is an amusing side  to the ever helpful passenger there is also a very serious side.

One poll showed that over half of drivers have found themselves getting angry as a direct result of back seat driving whilst over a third claimed to have been made to feel nervous about their driving. Some even preferring to not drive with passengers as they disliked the distraction .

Quite worrying is the effect on younger drivers who stated comments on their driving have caused them to become angry or upset, this coupled with their inexperience is quite a dangerous scenario whist driving.

Men rather than women are far more likely to take their eyes of the road whilst having a chat .

You are 60% more likely to have an accident whilst travelling with a passenger .

Given all this the message is passengers should try to avoid “helping” as this just adds to the drivers stress and distractions.






Aston Martin 5b Float


Aston Martin has started the floatation process , this announcement came with the news that the first half year profits had seen an increase of 8%.

Andy Palmer, the companies president and chief executive, said: “Today’s announcement represents a key milestone in the history of the company, which is reporting strong financial results and increased global demand for its award-winning sports cars.

The sale of the shares , will help the company with their  expansion plans, which include the opening of a new manufacturing plant in St Athan in Wales in 2019.

Aston Martin , who feel Brexit will have little effect  for them , would be the first UK carmaker to float in London since the 1980s.

Shares will be sold via the normal investor channels , but over 2000 staff will also  benefit.

This is most definitely a historic moment in the luxury car manufacturers history.


Mercedes Tops the Charts

Thanks to their great offers on the E Class,  Mercedes has topped the chart on new car sales:

1 Mercedes

2 Kia

3 Volkswagen


5 Jaguar and Land Rover

6 Nissan

7 Audi

8 Vauxhall

9 Ford

10 Mitsubishi

Whilst Mercedes has been whizzing up the charts, Audi has been losing its share of the market the other winner being Kia with the Sportages popularity.