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Lamborghini Badge

The Lamborghini badge is a direct rip off , of the Ferrari badge , the same shield shape , and he changed the horse to a raging bull , with Lamborghini being a Taurus and an avid fan of bull fighting and he felt bulls were far tougher and superior to the horse . Added… Read more »

Volkswagen T-Roc Convertible

These are very much placed at the top of the range with prices in the high £20000 , but they do come with the higher spec engines , this car is all about style with space being sacrificed both in the boot and back seats , due to the soft top. The extra weight to… Read more »

First Electric Car

The progress of the electric cars dates back as far as the mid 19th century , the first humble beginnings from a Hungarian inventor Anyos Jedlik in 1828, he powered a model by an electric motor, however it was over another decade before the birth of an electric carriage that could carry passengers, by Robert… Read more »

Brain Reading Cars

A new technology is being developed and could be available maybe within the next decade, which will read the drivers brainwaves and then speed up their reaction time, by anticipating driving movements from steering to braking. This is being developed by Nissan and there aim is to make driving safer. “When most people think about… Read more »

£70875 Ford Escort

Silverstone revealed last week that a Ford Escort went for a mere £70875.00 that is the highest bid for a RS1600 , historian estimate that only just over 1000 were built all using the detuned Formula 3 106 litre powerplant and all built-in Essex. These high performance engine and sports suspension were of course ideal… Read more »

Green Cuts

The Observer, has broken the story that many of low emission grants are set to be reduced or cut altogether. At present a grant in the sum of £4500 is available for cars with emission less than 50g/km and can cover up to 70 miles emission free and £2500 for the same emission and car… Read more »

UK Number Plates

What do the letters and numbers on your number plate mean , issued  by DVLA they follow a system, the first two letters denotes where the vehicle was registered. WHICH REGION DOES EACH LETTER STAND FOR? A – Anglia B – Birmingham C – Cymru D – Deeside E – Essex F – Forest and… Read more »

Honda Self Drive Investment

Honda is set to invest £2.1bn into General Motors’ self drive unit , their aim is to produce a self drive car that can be mass-produced, this is not without controversy with the public confidence not being high after a series of accident. Coupled with this is an investment in “mobility services” such meal deliveries… Read more »

Rolls Royce SUV

In a bid to move away from the stuffy chauffeur driven roller , Rolls Royce has launched a SUV model , designed to entice the millennial’s  and is to be called the Cullinan. At an eye watering  price tag in the sum of £250000 this is clearly not aimed at most 20s and 30s struggling… Read more »

Your New Best Friend

The new generation of cars  you will be able to make your new friend,  he or she will be able to turn the heating up on command, play your favourite music and guide you home by just voice control, you will be in control of he voice making everything personal just to you .