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European Sales

New car sales grew in May , all be by a small percentage , the main growth being in Germany thanks to incentive schemes and the banning of older diesel cars. The news was not all good with the UK falling by 4.6% and Spain by 7% , the outlook for the rest of year… Read more »

Be A Real James Bond

So now your dreams could become true, if your pockets are deep enough and be the proud owner of an Aston Martin DB5 The carmaker has announced that it is to make 25 , which will also include some of the gadgets such as , revolving number plate , rear smokescreen, battering rams everything bar… Read more »

Electric Cars and Employment

The increase in electric cars will with out doubt have a great influence on employment levels within the motor industry . Gone will be the days of in the case of Aston Martin where each individual engine has a signed plaque , for the person who built it a lovely personal touch. Some engines can… Read more »

Speed Cameras

Speed Cameras around the UK have been found to have varying tolerances , at the start of 2019 it was alleged that some cameras were calibrated to the extent that even one mile over the 70 limit would generate a ticket. From a freedom of information request it was found that most forces use 10%… Read more »

Car Roof Rescue

Three people had to be saved from the roof of their car, while trying to cross a ford , the Fire Service had to deploy an inflatable raft to bring them back and they warned against crossing fords or any body of water.


Eddie was driving down the road and met a car coming the other way. Although there was room to pass , Eddie forced the oncoming car to slow down and he wound down his window and shouted “pig”. Outraged , the other driver looked in his rear view mirror and swore at Eddie. Then he… Read more »

Electric ?

2019 sees more new electric models being launched , but sales are still low , in a recent poll buyers were asked to rate their understanding of the technology , they rated their initial knowledge as 2.7 out of 5 rising to 3.4 after a 10 day period but this fell back by a point… Read more »

Aston Martin Increases Female Drivers

Thanks in a large part to China where Aston Martin’s client base is 50% female together with the emerging Saudi market who have now lifted restrictions on women drivers , the company is seeing an up turn in its sales to women. The company is keen to expand this market but are keen to state… Read more »

Toyota Mirai Arrives at The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum , has taken delivery of a new Toyota Mirai  hydrogen fuel cell saloon and has been purchased with support from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles . The car will be used for business journeys where public transport is not possible , such as moving expensive or fragile exhibitions. With the… Read more »

Pay the Right Tax

There is a warning from the DVLA , make sure you pay your road tax  and they are targeting areas such as London Northern Ireland, Manchester and Glasgow with the warning of fines or losing their car. Driving without the correct tax can be punished by a maximum fine in the sum of £1000 they… Read more »