Electric Cars and Employment

The increase in electric cars will with out doubt have a great influence on employment levels within the motor industry .

Gone will be the days of in the case of Aston Martin where each individual engine has a signed plaque , for the person who built it a lovely personal touch. Some engines can have up 1200 components compare that to its electric counterpart with a mere 24 , it is clear the effect that will have.

A further impact will be the servicing and maintenance of vehicles , which is a main income for dealerships , this will decline and the new technology allows for fewer services due to the fact they are less moving parts so less to go wrong. Added to that the new players Telsa and Volvo are moving away from the big shinny showroom , opting for central shopping centres resulting in less staffing needs.

The switch to electric will without doubt take time and will not be an overnight problems but also without doubt is the long term effect on employment within the industry .