Month: February 2019


From September all pumps will have to state the biofuel and ethanol content of the fuel being sold, this is an EU directive but also being adopted here in the UK. Last year the Department of Transport requested a study on if E10 petrol should be available in the UK , E10 petrol has been… Read more »

VW Carvell

Since 1954 VW have sold 12 million Carvells and now they have a new one , still very much like its ancestors it now comes with a bigger grille , new paint and wheel choices and upgraded LED lighting . The new dashboard with the touchscreen now available in 9.2 inch and introducing speech control… Read more »

Citroen Ami

The concept Ami , is to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year , this two-seater aimed at younger market and would allow in some countries allow younger drivers to use without a licence with a top speed of 28 miles per hour, so firmly aimed at city driving. The car could… Read more »

Self Drive and Amazon

The self driving technology began with Tesla, Uber and Google have now been joined by Amazon who have invested $530 million funding. This money is going to the development of the Aurora , the development being led by Silicon Valley venture capital Sequoia, who started the research two years ago. Amazon have stated “We are… Read more »

Audi A3

The new Audi A3 will be revealed this summer, this fourth generation hatch will cross the wants of the market with anĀ  improved e-tron , plug in hybrid to the RS model. The A3 overall appearance is to be updated to fall in line with the Audi look , the cabin will sport the 10.1… Read more »

Nissan X Trail

Nissan decision not to make the X Trail in UK although being blamed on Brexit , is more of a business decision as the appetite for them is not that great in the UK , compared with the sales of the Juke and Qashqai , that is not the only issues that Nissan are facing… Read more »