How to Pass an MOT

From your car third birthday , you need to have an annual MOT test , dating back to 1960 this requirement still stands with its aim at ensuring that a car is road worthy and does not endanger the lives of both the driver but other road users and pedestrians. They have now added an emission test to the list together with a fault grading system minor , major and dangerous , the later two causing an automatic fail so the rules


Any tyre must have at least 1.6mm tread across the middle three-quarters and cannot have major damage such as cuts , cracking or bulging.

Number Plates

They must show the correct number in standard format and be clean


All lights must work .

windscreen and Wipers

No chips larger that 10mm in front of the driver and the area that is in the wipers sweep, elsewhere the damage has to be no more than 40mm. Wipers must be in condition and do their job of cleaning the screen , they test this so it is wise to make sure the washer bottle is nice and full.

DPF – Diesel Particulate Filters

A major would be found if it emits any visible smoke during the checks and they cannot be tampered with and an MOT will be refused for a vehicle where this can be detected unless sufficient evidence is produce to provide acceptable reason for the canister being opened.