Month: October 2018

Skoda Superb Facelift

The Superb is by far the best looking car in the Skoda fleet so this facelift is just a little tweak rather than any major overhaul , sporting new head and tail lights , a change to the rear and front bumpers and a few new colour choices. While inside just small changes to the… Read more »


1. Approximately 60 million cars are produced annually, about 165,000 per day! 2. There are currently about a billion cars in use around the world. 3. A Formula 1 racecar can drive on the roof of a tunnel at about 75 mph. 4. It would take six straight months of driving to get to the… Read more »

Mercedes GLE

The Mercedes GLE is now available to order , there are two engines to choose from , both using a nine speed automatic gearbox and four wheel drive . The GLE 300d 4 Matic at £55685.00 comes with a 2.0 litre diesel engine while the 450 4 Matic at £62300  comes with 3.0 litre six-cylinder… Read more »

Toyota Badge

The story of the Toyota badge it was created to represent trust between themselves and their customers, , the intersecting ovals are not only symbolic of trust but also forms the letter T , whilst the spaces indicate potential for the future. The three eclipses depict the heart of the customer, the heart of the… Read more »

Uber Going Electric

Uber is planning to add a surcharge to all fares booked via its app in London to help its drivers buy electric vehicles. The fee, expected to be 15p per mile, will be introduced “early” in 2019 and for drivers working 40 hours per week , could get around £1500 a year through this top… Read more »

The Rise of the SUV

The rise of the SUV cannot be denied , the popular choice of the family and Volvo has stormed in with the XC40 with its solid-looking build the shape appeals , but look inside they have manged to make the cabin space look and feel roomy , thanks to it many stream lining designs. Gone… Read more »

Learners on the Motorway

A change in the law will see learner drivers being able to drive on the motorway before passing their test , but only with an approved instructor in a duel control car. Mr Grayling stated “Younger drivers are up to seven times more likely to be killed or seriously injured compared with drivers over 25… Read more »

How to cut your car insurance bill

Here is a short guide to getting the best price for your car insurance. 1. Make sure you use the right job title couple of examples music teachers pay more than teachers , chef more that kitchen staff , so if  you a category fits more than one job could be cheaper but remember you… Read more »

Lamborghini Badge

The Lamborghini badge is a direct rip off , of the Ferrari badge , the same shield shape , and he changed the horse to a raging bull , with Lamborghini being a Taurus and an avid fan of bull fighting and he felt bulls were far tougher and superior to the horse . Added… Read more »

Volkswagen T-Roc Convertible

These are very much placed at the top of the range with prices in the high £20000 , but they do come with the higher spec engines , this car is all about style with space being sacrificed both in the boot and back seats , due to the soft top. The extra weight to… Read more »