Solving Pot Holes

This winter I got caught by a pot hole for the first time with a busted tyre , living in countryside they are everywhere and this pesky one was large and full of water disguising  itself and puddle.

What is the cause of that cause so many motorist so much misery and expenses , they start as microscopic cracks in the surface then weather , drainage , traffic all cause the loosening of the surface and  there it is the hole.

The bill to us all is huge with one estimate stating that the road repair bill in England and Wales could soon reach £14b , rather outstripping the £4.4b budget so are there any solution.

One idea from Brunel University , is using infrared heat to make repairs, it would be cheaper and they claim could last longer. So how does it work , traditionally potholes are repaired with boiling asphalt , but if the road is cold the lower temperature can create a weakened bond thus not very long-lasting .  The new system would use an infrared heating machine, basically warming the road up before the repair , thus making the bond much better and the repair lasting longer.

Meanwhile Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre they are developing self-healing road , asphalt roads are made up on mineral aggregates that provides the structural stability and bitumen , a viscous liquid which is the binder, so when the cracks appear the bitumen drains into and fills them up , trouble is because of it is very viscous at normal temperatures the process can take weeks so to speed this process up they are developing tiny capsules that contain asphalt rejuvenator  such as sunflower oil , so when the cracks start the capsules breaks and the oils acts to soften the asphalt , thus aiding it to stick back together quicker again this should reduce the number of pot holes .

Any solution is going to be most welcome to reduce the cost and the inconvenience.