Month: August 2018

Happy Friday

Friday. The golden child of the weekdays. The superhero of the workweek. The welcome wagon to the weekend. The famous F word we thank God for every week.

Passenger Troubles

THE TOP DISTRACTIONS FOR DRIVERS 1.PASSENGERS 2 CHANGING MUSIC 3 EATING OR DRINKING 4 BACK SEAT DRIVERS So passenger behaviour is important , but who can honestly say they have not at some point been a guiding hand to the driver , but this has been proven to be a major cause of accidents¬† ,… Read more »

Aston Martin 5b Float

Aston Martin has started the floatation process , this announcement came with the news that the first half year profits had seen an increase of 8%. Andy Palmer, the companies president and chief executive, said: “Today’s announcement represents a key milestone in the history of the company, which is reporting strong financial results and increased… Read more »

Mercedes Tops the Charts

Thanks to their great offers on the E Class,¬† Mercedes has topped the chart on new car sales: 1 Mercedes 2 Kia 3 Volkswagen 4 BMW 5 Jaguar and Land Rover 6 Nissan 7 Audi 8 Vauxhall 9 Ford 10 Mitsubishi Whilst Mercedes has been whizzing up the charts, Audi has been losing its share… Read more »

Going Electric

‘While we are still at “base camp” so to speak with going electric the climb is most definitely¬† on . China leading the way in terms of numbers managing to sell over 1420000 electric vehicles in the first quarter that is a massive 154% increase on the previous year but still only equates to 2%… Read more »