Ghost Brokers



driving scam

Drivers  are being warned they could have their car crushed if they fall prey to so-called ‘ghost brokers’.
Figures show that unwittingly drivers have been conned out of £165,000 over the last four years by fraudsters posing as insurance brokers, leaving them driving without cover.

Police  warn that drivers with fake insurance policies also face unlimited fines, up to eight penalty points, and could be left without protection in the event of an accident.

Driving organisations have  welcomed the warning, which forms part of the Motor Insurer’s Bureau’s (MIB) Operation Drive campaign to crack down on the number of uninsured drivers on UK roads.

Car Wash



car wash The Environmental Audit Committee has been conducting an enquiry into fears that cheap hand car washes exploit workers and damage the environment.

MPs said more than a quarter of calls to the Modern Slavery Helpline were from car wash workers.

Cheap hand car washes now account for 80% of the sector in the UK.

They have grown rapidly over the past 15 years, and are often in supermarket car parks and on disused forecourts.

The MPs said government should have a trial licensing scheme and review whether the Modern Slavery Act could be updated to cover businesses as small as the hand car wash operators.

Committee chair Mary Creagh said: “Hand car washes are a common sight in our towns and cities. Yet they hide the widespread exploitation of workers through illegally low pay, poor working conditions and, in some cases, forced labour.”

Bus Lane





bus lane

A driver who successfully won an appeal against the council for driving in a bus lane could inspire change for thousands of other motorists.

Keith Stevenson, 56, took Bristol City Council to a tribunal after being slapped with a £30 penalty charge notice for using the city’s  Metrobus-only slip-road in June.

The Bristol motorist admitted he accidentally used the slip road during heavy traffic because he became distracted by a driver in front of him.

And although he expected the council to send him a warning, Keith said he was appalled when he was issued with a fine on August 4.

A Bristol City Council spokesperson has since confirmed the slip-road design is now being reviewed in light of the tribunal judgement.

Hydrogen Fuel cell

Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Artic


The Nikola Motor Company has revealed their hydrogen fuel cell lorry , designed for the European market , the articulated truck call the Nikola Tre , has a range of between 500 and 1200 kilometres .

There are several axle options and the designs will align with European HGV Categories and testing is due to start in 2020 , with production 2022 to 2023 .

The hydrogen cell  converts stored hydrogen into electricity by an on board fuel cell, the emission are totally clean drinkable water and hydrogen can be produced through electrolysis which can be powered by green renewable energy .

New Cars Of 2018




new cars of 2018

The round up for cars arriving in 2018 , the obvious manufacturers VW and Ford have a banquet on offer , but the smaller players Subaru and Suzuki, also have some courses on offer.

With new designs , cutting edge technology break through , with of course the endeavour to increase economy of use.

There is a deluge of  new sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and crossovers, including the electric Jaguar I-Pace, rugged Jeep Wrangler and practical Honda CR-V.

Family cars not forgotten with a hi-tech Mercedes A Class Peugeot 508 and a new Ford Focus.

There are plenty of electric options joining the Jaguar I-Pace, including the battery-powered Hyundai Kona. Already on sale is the new Nissan Leaf, with a much larger range, which could tempt more buyers into electric cars, as could the first electric hot hatchback – the BMW i3S.

The Ford Fiesta ST and VW Polo GTI offering the fun end of the market and for those with a bit more pocket money , Ferrari 488 Pista or Mercedes AMG new four door supercar.



Back to Basics

Citroen 2 CV

A recent survey of millennials and generation z , found that they have moved away from cars in favour of cycling or using public transport and Ubers. This is in part due to the cost of purchasing , insuring and repairing a car.

Apart from the Dacia , there are not basic no frills cars out there , comparing back to the billy basic 2CV , it combined money-saving features with a quirky look , like the roll back roof , flap down window , no carpets which meant you could wash the floors and the back seats all came out giving you a small van.

The designers now seem to play the  one-upmanship with features , some of which are questionable like heated arm rest , whose arm gets chilly  and indeed many that drivers have no idea are there, and if Audi give four options of lights on the dash then the boys at BMW will want five.

There is a big market for a quirky basic but more importantly cheap car .


Skoda Citigo Hatchback

yellow Skoda Citigo Hatch

The Skoda Citigo , is a favourite with young drivers , not only been very economical, but some models fall into insurance group one, , so it is one of  the cheapest cars to insure..

The Citigo , is nice and stylish and has the same underpinnings and the Volkswagen upand SEAT Mii, but the edge is it is the cheapest.

Skoda Superb Facelift

The Superb is by far the best looking car in the Skoda fleet so this facelift is just a little tweak rather than any major overhaul , sporting new head and tail lights , a change to the rear and front bumpers and a few new colour choices.

While inside just small changes to the trim and the Skoda 12.3 inch digital display to be added , and for the first time a petrol-electric hybrid will be added to the range, although exact facts and figures have not been confirmed , it should line up with the VW Passat GTE. Skoda-Superb Silver Facelift


1. Approximately 60 million cars are produced annually, about 165,000 per day!
2. There are currently about a billion cars in use around the world.
3. A Formula 1 racecar can drive on the roof of a tunnel at about 75 mph.
4. It would take six straight months of driving to get to the moon at a speed of 60 mph.
5. Many new cars manufacture engine noises through the speakers so they make noise when the car starts, then are quiet the rest of the ride.


Interesting facts about cars

Mercedes GLE






Mercedes GLEThe Mercedes GLE is now available to order , there are two engines to choose from , both using a nine speed automatic gearbox and four wheel drive . The GLE 300d 4 Matic at £55685.00 comes with a 2.0 litre diesel engine while the 450 4 Matic at £62300  comes with 3.0 litre six-cylinder petrol engine.

This is the first stage and there will be a hybrid option as well as a coupe, the wheelbase has been extended a further 80mm on the old model and with the headroom extension and boot capacity the total volume is now 2055 litres.

There will also be the option for a 7 seat pack  which comes as standard on the 450 and at a cost £1995 on the 300d,  the driver will also have the benefit of the dual screen infotainment system which a tech pack can be added to for head up display.

A great deal of effort has been put into safety systems including Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC . which can respond to traffic with Live Traffic software , which allows alerts to hazards. , there is active stop and go , as well as the driving assistance package at £1695 which recognises lane markings and traffic signs.

Not forgetting the Mercedes touches open pore wood trim, nappa leather and 20 inch alloys.