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Mitsubishi-Outlander 4h SUV
Mitsubishi-Outlander 4h SUV

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We display the most highly competitive business car leasing deals for the Mitsubishi brand, if the exact model is not displayed in many cases our fleet discount are across the full manufacturers model range, please call, chat or submit a form to obtain a no obligation quote on the exact model you want.


Mitsubishi Business Car Leasing

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Mitsubishi Model Range


Mitsubishi Mirage

HIGH EXPECTATIONS AS STANDARD. A car designed to be equally at home in congested city streets or narrow country lanes. Everything about this car was designed to make it more efficient, providing excellent fuel economy. The Mirage turned heads from the moment it was first unveiled and immediately redefined the standards by which to judge a compact passenger car.

Mitsubishi ASX

ATTRACTIVE, PRACTICAL, SOLID. Standing for ‘Active Sports Crossover’, the ASX bridges the gap between Mitsubishi’s conventional passenger cars and its rugged off‐roaders. Practicality and versatility are keys to the appeal of the ASX. With a wheelbase to match the Outlander, passenger space is generous, with the flexible seating inside giving the ASX real versatility for customers looking for a practical, enjoyable car.

Mitsubishi Outlander

OUTLANDISH DESIGN. The Outlander is as good to drive as it is to live with, it can seat up to seven for the school run, or swallow a couple of mountain bikes whole, yet its footprint is smaller than that of most family estates. It comes with on demand all-wheel drive and is so fuel-efficient that even the latter provides returns on a par with those of an ordinary family saloon and emission levels are remarkably respectable for its size.

Mitsubishi Shogun

THE MODERN ICON. In 1982 Mitsubishi launched a brand new breed of car: a 4x4 which was tough enough to go where others feared to tread, yet enjoyed the sort of sophisticated specification normally associated with top end saloons. Over 30 years later the Shogun is an icon and the latest generation is the strongest, quietest, safest and smartest Shogun ever built.

Mitsubishi L200

SHOWING THE WORLD HOW IT’S DONE. Tackle any job with the award-winning L200 pick-up truck. Capable of towing up to 3,100kg and handling whatever you can throw at it, the L200 comes with superior capability in a dynamic, rugged package.